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My name’s Ushi, one of the best Las Vegas escorts and once upon a time worked with the Miami escorts and then I moved here to Las Vegas seeking for more opportunities. All though Florida was great, Vegas has truly become my business home and I know it too well that I want to be your escort helping you around! I just give the right camaraderie adventures, fun and pleasures to you. My concept of an impeccable date is a sentimental dinner and sipping some champagne. As your escort and lady, you get my best looks radiating wonderfully and beautifully; exactly what you're searching for in a world class trained escort. I am sweet and tempting and will pleasure you with my exciting quality, perky tits, smooth big ass and alluring body.

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Hi. My name is Ushi and I am a Las Vegas escort. I have a few years’ experience being a Las Vegas escorts girl and all this experience is meant to make you enjoy yourself in Las Vegas. I know almost everything there is to know about Las Vegas. If you are here for the first time and want to get up to speed with the city, there is no one better suited to show you around. When you are with me, you will not just be touring and discovering things about the city. You will be doing it in the company of a hot escort. You will learn faster and remember longer because of the fun things we will be doing while I am showing you around the city. I am naughty and like to play games. It is always hot doing that in public and you will love it. If you are the shy type, do not worry. My public naughty is not the same as my behind closed doors naughty. But I know how to make you have fun and as a bonus, how to make others feel jealous about you.

There is no need of me talking about my ‘assets’. That is what the photos on my profile are for. They are meant to show you all the things you want to see about me. And then I will concentrate on telling you the things that you cannot see or tell from my photos. However, I know that you have already checked them out and you liked what you saw. I need to tell you that everything you see on those photos is natural. I’m sure you are dying to see them in person up close and personal. As long as you promise to be a good boy. If you find yourself envying other men in the company of hot and sexy women, just call me and have others envy you instead.

With all the visitors in Las Vegas, it is easy for escorts to concentrate on them and forget the residents. I do not. If you are a busy person whether it is with your work, school or business and you never get time to enjoy yourself, then that has to change today. However much you love your work, you need to take care of yourself once in a while. That way, you are in the best shape to go back to your work, school or business. It is actually good for your business, work or school for you to do that.

You will love the fact that besides being an escort, I also work part time as a stripper at Hustler. There is no better escort that one who can also strip for you. No. I’m not talking about regular stripping. Anybody can do that. I am talking about professional stripping. From a professional stripper. That is what you will be enjoying. And you will be enjoying it in private unlike those who go and enjoy it in the company of a multitude of people. This one will be customized for you and you alone. You will get up close and personal and there are no time limits. I will not be in a hurry because my aim is to make sure you enjoy every aspect of it, whether it is lap dancing or strip teasing or pole dancing.

I love going out and hitting the clubs. I enjoy going to Hyde and Chateau because they are always fun. The crowd is awesome and the music is on point. The entertainers are some of the best in Las Vegas and there is no reason not to have fun. There are also day clubs in Las Vegas and we can also have fun there. The desert sun can be quite hot but pool parties at Wet Republic and Moorea are great and will make you forget about it. The magic of Las Vegas is that the party never stops. Whether day or night, it is always happening. You will be forgiven if you forget what day or time it is.

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